My name is Paul Kenneth T. Flores. I am 16+1 years old. I am taking Science and Technology Engineering and Mathematics which reminds me always of mind bleeding! hahahaha. I lived at Carmona Cavite Philippines. I am studying at My Messiah School of Cavite. That school was so nice. Reminds me of my Second Family :). 

Since when i was a kid, my father pursues me to involve me in the field of music. I was playing piano at first then the story goes on. I am still studying in playing at it. Since i didn’t conclude it as good because the real thing is its not good.I am also trying to play a new instrument which is VIOOOLLLLIIIIIINNN! Please pray for me as i practice it well since there was no progress yet.

I am proudly a Missionary Baptist. I love Jesus Christ so much. His love is unconditional. He show it by having his life us. It was a great sacrifice because he covered it all. NO EXEMPTIONS!! I was so amazed on the love of his love 🙂

My father is Elbert M. Flores a OIC, a Church Worker at FLMBC (First Lipa Missionary Baptist Church) and a Great Father. My Mother, Charmaine T. Flores is a Administrator Staff and a cool Mother. It always reminds of a good disciplinarians. Hahahaha. Even though there is no amiss you got still they are there to have sermon to you. I know it was normal because that was parents like. They show their love by protecting us and mold us to a mature being.

I have 2 siblings. Iana Angel T. Flores is also a good pianist. I was glad when she discovering her new talent in playing piano. In fact, she was so good at it. She adopts every note very well. I found her as a musically lined person. And another one, Charelle Faith Flores a Grade 3 Student which i found her to play the ukulele. I was so glad that my siblings was also have a interest in the field of music and i pray that it will developed for God’s Glory

I just want to Apologize if i can’t post blogs everyday. I have a quiet time during friday nights since it was weekends. Please tune in to my blog since i will also post some lessons and motivational articles from matured sources.

I think it’s so longggggggg. Thank you for reading! God Bless 🙂